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Hotel Christopher 5 *

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Located in Pointe Milou, in one amazing place with breathtaking panoramic views, the Christopher Hotel is the perfect choice to enjoy the tropical sunset melting into the horizon, your feet in the water, a cocktail in your hand…

You will find the ideal location for enjoying life’s pleasures, relaxed, unhurried and surrounded by lush gardens with their delicate fragrances. Imagine relaxing on lounge chairs by a fresh water infinity pool, with the sound of the nearby surf lulling you far from the cares of the everyday world. With a total of 42 rooms and suites, and a lot of accommodation choices with either a private terrace or balcony, poolside units, and Deluxe Ocean View rooms providing gorgeous views of the sea, amenities include an outdoor pool and a children’s pool, sport classes, lounge chairs made in teak with mattresses and umbrellas around the pool, bar, babysitter, 2 restaurants, Sisley Spa services, a boutique…

The restaurants, Mango (casual lunch, feet in the sand) and Taino (diner), are masterly led by the chef de cuisine , Jean Baptiste Piard i, offering fine dining and a mixed menu, executed with great love.

Restaurants Mango - Taino

Creative food and comfortable lounge.

Located at the Christopher Hotel in Pointe Milou, The Taino, a beautiful seafront restaurant, offers a gourmet menu. The chef, Lucas Leonardi, creates a choice of Caribbean products, like freshly caught fish, simply grilled or prepared ceviche, and many other delicious plates, making this one of the top list restaurants at St. Barth. Open for breakfast and dinner, at sunset the bar offers a selection of tropical cocktails in the lounge swimming pool area facing the sea, where the sun or the moon reflect the light in the sea, creating a magical environment which will make your vacations unforgettable.

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Spa Sisley

Phyto-Aromatiques Sisley Treatments

Discover Sisley's Phyto Aromatic treatments and let yourself be transported to an exotic and sensorial world.

Benefit  from the unique « savoir faire » and experience of a prestigious brand best known for it's use of essential oils and plant extracts to create highly effective products of the highest possible quality.

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Pointe Milou, such a peaceful place...and one of the best sea view of St Barth *

Hotel Christopher 5 *

BOOKING : Hotel Christopher 5 *

Hôtel Christopher St Barth
Accommodation St Bart


Pointe Milou
Tél : (+59) 05 90 27 63 63
Toll free (USA and Canada) : (800) 550 1769

42 rooms - Beachfront location - Gourmet restaurant - Spa by Sisley - Infinity pool overlooking the sea

Christopher Saint Barth is a 5-star hotel in St Barts. The seaside hotel sits on the cliffs of Pointe Milou, facing the azure Caribbean. Guests can arrive to St Barts from Juliana Airport in nearby Dutch St Maarten, where flights arrive daily from the USA and Europe. Christopher Saint Barth is 10 minutes from the island’s airport and airport transfers can be arranged.



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