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Hôtel Christopher St Barts Pointe Milou


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Cote Port Restaurant St Barth

BOOKING : Cote Port Restaurant St Barth

Hervé from Le Rivage & the O'Corner is back with his new restaurant the Côté Port, a comfortable establishment with a contemporary decor & a cosy ambiance.
Come to find again in the heart of Gustavia, in front of yachts, classics from the Rivage such as the popular pastas with shrimps & lobster, "calamars à la plancha", or the famous salad "Pilou".
To conclude your meal, you'll be satisfied by rediscovering the churros with hot chocolate sauce from the O'Corner or the Manue's "charlotte" of raspberries...
For the lunch, your pleasure will be guaranteed by a menu of 18€ which includes a drink, a choice between 2 huge dishes of the day & a coffee.
So, you have to come to see again the one who has welcomed you bodily during so many years in Saint Barths...
Hope to see you

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Cote Port Restaurant St Barth

BOOKING : Cote Port Restaurant St Barth

Created by Hervé (former owner of Le Rivage restaurant), this bistro serves traditional French cuisine with a West Indian twist.
restaurants St Barts Special of the day 18 €

“Exceptional Find A Cote Port, St Barths”
More Info

Residents and visitors enjoy cocktails and a plate of tapas at sunset, with a great view of the port.
Keys points
Good food at reasonable prices, with a view of the port.

In the heart of downtown Gustavia harbor views.
Service time
From Monday to Saturday

    Lunch : Noon to 2.30pm
    Dinner : 7pm to 10.30pm

Opening dates All year
Rue Jeanne d'Arc Gustavia
Tél : + (59) 05 90 87 79 54



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