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Hôtel Christopher St Barts Pointe Milou


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Pipiri Palace

BOOKING : Pipiri Palace

Discover the authenticity of a recently renovated old St Barth house, with its exotic garden located right in the heart of Gustavia, We invite you to enjoy traditional French cuisine: onion soup gratinée, home made foie gras, grilled rack of lamb with garlic sauce, as well as Creole recipes: warm crab cakes, fish colombo cooked in banana leaves…

Daily specials are available, and based on the catch of the day, fresh lobsters from the tank and local fresh fish grilled on the barbecue.

For those with a sweet tooth, the warm chocolate cake “baked just for you” or the apple Tarte Tatin with salted butter caramel are highly appreciated…

A feast at Pipiri Palace to enjoy without moderation !

  • Lunch for noon to 2.30pm
  • Dinner from 7pm to 10pm
  • Closed Sunday
  • Lunch Menu
  • Dinner Menu
  • Reservations recommended

    24 hours in advance!

    Booking will be confirmed by the restaurant via email

Pipiri Palace

BOOKING : Pipiri Palace

Cuisine Créole

14 rue du Général de Gaulle - Gustavia

+ 590 590 27 53 20

Right in the center of Gustavia, in the semi-pedestrian path, behind the PIPIRI MC2 boutique.



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